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When you need an attractive lift without the distraction and mess of major construction - and you need it FAST, don't look any further than our premium enclosed wheelchair lift, and non enclosed Vertical and Wheelchair Lifts of SNT!

Vertical and Wheelchair Lifts of SNT!

Architects, building owners and facility managers across the country count on the SNT Wheelchair Lift for many reasons, but some of the most important are:

  • Its unique, modular design provides a simple accessibility solution without expensive construction costs
  • It doesn't require a hoistway, making it even more compact and functional
  • The clean, contemporary design makes it attractive enough to be used indoors
  • And the corrosion-resistant aluminum frame makes it tough enough to withstand the elements for outdoor use
  • A generous 14'3" lifting height allows travel between two or three landings in your building
  • A virtual rainbow of custom colors allows you greater freedom to match your building's décor
  • The delicate design doesn't detract from a powerful lift rating of 750 pounds

And much, much more!

See why thousands of facilities depend on the flexibility of the Vertical and Wheelchair Lifts of SNT!

SNT Vertical and Wheelchair Lifts feature a modular corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with smooth, rounded corners, and shatterproof acrylic vision panels. And you have the flexibility to create your perfect unit by selecting tinted windows, ventilation package, and acrylic dome for exterior installations to ensure the comfort of all passengers.

The rustproof aluminum frame with shatterproof, acrylic panels creates an attractive, weather protective enclosure for passengers - while requiring far less space and expense than contractor-built hoistway models.

Ask about our custom design services for special installations.

Full-sized doors are provided on the lower and intermediate landings. Choose either a door or gate for the top landing. Add one of our weather domes for even more protection for your users with the outdoor wheelchair lift.

We engineer all of our lifts for their users' safety and comfort. Each section undergoes rigorous testing for quality assurance prior to shipping. They fully comply with ADA accessibility guidelines. They are the same standards we use for our entire SNT Vertical and Wheelchair Lift Series and that's why it's the preferred choice for architects, builders and business owners from coast to coast.

Safety Features:
There are multiple safety features built into each wheelchair lift like door interlocks that prevent a door or gate from being opened if the platform is not there.

Basic Features:

  • Up to 14'3" of vertical travel with up to 3 stops
  • 750 lb. capacity
  • 3 Drive systems:
    • A/C powered belt driven ballscrew
    • Battery powered belt driven ballscrew
    • Battery powered hydraulic
  • 36" x 60" platform
  • Ivory powder coat finish, a more durable treatment than paint
  • UL listed up to 144" lifting height
  • ASME A-18.1 code compliant
  • Warranty: Two-year drive train, one-year parts



  • Select from gates or standard doors, including fire-rated doors, extra-wide doors and automatic door openers
  • Special order colors - choose from over 180 colors to perfectly match your facility
  • Acrylic dome
  • Forced air ventilation
  • Acrylic panel inserts in guard panel
  • Auto-OpenerTM for doors and gates
  • Remote controls with key lock to prevent unauthorized access
Much more!

SNT Access, Elevators, and Lifts is BBB Accredited
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