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Products of Butler Mobility


Butler Mobility Products is a manufacturer of premium quality wheelchair Lifts and dumbwaiters.   All of Butler Mobility's wheelchair lift and dumbwaiter products are rugged, sturdy units with UL® CSA certified components and are useful in commercial or residential applications.  Butler Mobility Products has been manufacturing dumbwaiters since 1958 and wheelchair lifts since 1968.  Butler Mobility Products are manufactured and assembled by Butler Dynamics, LLC  in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania.


Butler Mobility Inclined Lift

The Butler Mobility Inclined Plat-form Wheelchair Lift (IPL) is the perfect solution for a home with stairs where someone cannot transfer to a chair lift or needs to have a wheelchair on both levels of their home.

Businesses, schools and churches can provide wheelchair access. Public and corporate buildings can have a safe and reliable solution. Our lifts meet or exceed all National Safety Code (ANSI/ASME code) requirements and have UL® and CSA certified components.

The Butler Mobility Inclined Plat-form Wheelchair Lift (IPL) is designed to fit your stairs and can accommodate turning stairways and intermediate landings.

The Butler Mobility Inclined Plat-form Wheelchair Lift (IPL)  is ideal for providing ADA compliant accessibility in heritage buildings, schools, churches and restaurants. With the availability of many colors and finishes, you can be sure that the wheelchair lift will blend in with the building's decor.

Call Stations

The Butler Mobility Inclined Plat-form Wheelchair Lift (IPL Call stations are operated by a computer based lift control system that intuitively guides the user through the operating sequence by illuminating the appropriate button to push. Optional Fold and unfold functions are fully automated by simply pushing the easy to use call station buttons.

Drive System

The ultra-quiet Drive System is located at the upper end of the Artira and is available in two arrangements; the standard Drive Box and Compact Drive; both drive systems operate using Mains Power.

Under Platform, Bi-directional and Leading Ramp Sensors

The sensors will automatically stop the lift if the platform should encounter an obstruction.

Smooth Start and Stop

The Butler Mobility Inclined Plat-form Wheelchair Lift (IPL) reduces the speed of travel by 50% prior to reaching corners and is programmed to slow the platform travel speed when approaching or departing the landings.

Butler IPL Specifications

Standards:          ASME A18.1 (Safety Code for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts)

Capacity:             500 lbs (227 kg) or 750 lbs (340 kg)

Location:             Suitable for indoor use

Guide Rails:        Heavy gauge steel with top and bottom mounting brackets

                      Top brackets are adjustable in 2 dimensions

AC Power:          120 VAC, 15A dedicated circuit

Drive system:   Dual chain drive with motor, transmission and controller at bottom, Motor: 1 hp

                      Variable frequency controller for smooth stops and starts

                      Speed: up to 21 feet (6.4 m) per minute

                      Battery backup suitable for up and down travel, approximately 6-12 round trips

                      Change of direction delay timer

                     "Plug and Play" for minimal field wiring

Controls:            Constant pressure controls, 24VDC low voltage. Emergency stop switch on platform

                      Optional keyed controls

                      Call-send stations can be flush mounted or surface mounted

Platform:          Platforms are sized specifically for each application

                     Platforms have safety strips to correctly position the wheelchair

                     Front-load platforms have 6" high safety guards on each side.

                     Side-load platforms have a 6" high safety guard on the non-load side

                     Side-load platforms have a 36" high tubular safety guard at the front

Safety               Runaway platform safeties in each rail on trolleys

Features:          Safety switches at front and rear of platform, and Overspeed governor

                     Locking front ramp and guard for front-load

                     Safety switch to ensure ramp is locked in place and Under-platform safety panel

                     Broken/slack chain safety switches, and Overtravel safety switch

                     Ratcheting descending safety clutch

Finish:                Beige and brown are standard, other colors are available

Warranty          5 year warranty on all parts

                     1year labor warranty

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